Red Belly Pacu



January 8, 2017- Down to 3 Pacu now. One of them was getting super aggressive towards all the other fish in the aquarium so I had to get rid of him. Its a peaceful aquarium now which is a stress reliever for both the fish and myself. It is amazing how fast these fish grow. Two of them are 10″ and the third one is 11″. Keep in mind that these fish are only 5 months old and already close to being a foot in length.

Water quality is impossible to maintain due to the bio load these fish produce. I do 20 gallon water changes just about every other day now and every 2 weeks I do a 50% water change. I updated the filter system with a bigger filter housing so the filter doesn’t clog as quickly. I’m getting ready to start building the plywood aquarium soon which will be 8’x4’x4′ with a 2′ sump built into the side of it making the full length 10′. I will be filming this build and uploading it to YOUTUBE upon completion.

December 1, 2016- Here are my 4 Red Bellied Pacu at 4 months old and already they are all 7″ in length. They are growing super fast and its getting harder to keep water quality at peak due to there enormous appetite and fish waste. A few changes I am seeing with these fish is that they are loosing there spots and starting to darken up a bit in color. Also they are starting to play a lot more than usual, specially right after they are fed. They will chase each other around the aquarium for quite awhile as you will see in this video.

November 1, 2016 This video is a brief overview and bio of the Red Bellied Pacu. I have 4 of them in juvenile stage that are 6” and growing fast. Right now I am growing them out in my 75 gallon with my Silver Dollars but have plans in January 2017 to start a DIY indoor pond build to accommodate them when they get huge. I will make a video of this build and post it when its complete.

September 29, 2016 –Here are my 4 Red Belly Pacu I rescued from my local pet store. The owner got them on a shipment by mistake and they were pretty sickly so I decided to take them off there hands. So I am currently growing them out in my 75 gallon aquarium with my Silver Dollars. When I bought the Pacu they were all 1″ in length and in 4 weeks I nursed them back to health and they are already grown to almost 4″. They are some insane eaters. Don’t you worry guys I know these fish get up to 3′ long I am already working on a 500+ gallon indoor pond to house them till they turn about 3 to 4 years old then I will upgrade again.

Red Belly Pacu Growth Chart – Above is a chart depicting the growth of my 3 Red Bellied Pacu that I have had for 5 months. When I purchased them they were only 1″ in length and now they are 10″.


September 29, 2016 – 4″


November 1, 2016 – 6″

December 1, 2016 – 7″

January 8, 2017 – 2 are 10″ & 1 is 11″

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