Heater Problems.

Aquarium Heater Quit Working

Not to long ago I had a 200 watt aquarium heater ,not even 2 years old yet, stop working on me in my 75 gallon. What happened is that I came home from work one day and went to feed my fish. I noticed that all the fish were acting very sluggish and weren’t hitting the food like they normally do. I started checking the filter, the air system, and  water perameters and when I checked the water temperature I noticed it was at 69 degreez and not 82 degreez like I always have it set at. In taking a closer look at the heater I noticed the light was on but it looked like there was condensation in the coil tube. It was not producing heat. Luckily I have a set of 300 watt heaters that I am saving for my plywood aquarium build so I put one in the tank and let it acclimate. I then plugged it in and set it at 71 degreez to start the reheat process. I made sure not to raise the temperature no more than 2 degreez every hour so I dont shock and stress the fish. Every hour I would raise the temperature on the heater by 2 degreez and then keep track every half an hour to see how it was rising. It seems that the heater will only raise the water temperature by exactly 2 degreez in that hour which works out good. I also noticed that when I reached the 76 degree mark my fish started to act and swim more normally and by 82 everything was right as rain. I lucked out that day because I dont normally check the temperature as often as I used to cause I have never had an issue and it always reads 82. I dont now how long the heater was not working but am very glad I cought it in time for the fishes sake.  So from now on I will check the temperature every time I go to feed or watch them. All heaters should last well over 2 years and all mine have till this day so I will never buy a Marineland heater again. Lesson learned.