PFS Aquarium

My aquarium as of January 2017

75 gallon aquarium

Here is a picture of my 75 gallon aquarium when I first put my fish in it back in March 2015.

Fish List:

-2 Silver Dollars (Metynnis Altidorsalis) (Added March 2016 – 3-5yrs old) (Current size: 5″ and 5″)

-2 Tiger Striped Silver Dollars (Metynnis Fasciatus)(Added Feb 2016/Current size:  4″-5″)
-4 Spotted Silver Dollars(Metynnis Maculatus) (Current size: all 3″)
-3 Common Silver Dollars (Metynnis Hypsauchen) (Current size: 3.5″ , 4″ and  4″)
-2 Turquoise Rainbow Fish (Current size: 2″ – 3″)

-3 Red Bellied Pacu (Piarchypomus Brachypomus) (Purchased August 2016/Current size: 10″ &11″)

75 Gallon Aquarium

Here is a picture of my aquarium as of January 2016. As you can see I have taken out the driftwood, most of the plants, upgraded the lighting system, and I have replaced the filtration system with one of which I made myself. I have simplified the tank to make cleaning a lot easier. I will also be taking all the gravel out of the tank to make it a bare bottom tank to further simplify cleaning. I have found that good water quality is gold in this hobby and by simplifying this process and doing water changes every other day I am keeping my fish happy and healthy.


November 22, 2015 : Here is my DIY overhead canister filter system I installed on my 75 gallon freshwater aquarium. It works really well so far. The system is made out of 3” and 4” PVC piping with 3/4” PVC piping for the up and down spouts. The system uses filter floss and carbon filter to clean the water and lava rock to biologically clean the water.

May 28, 2016: Here are the 4 species of Silver Dollars in my 75 gallon aquarium.

Nov. 22, 2015: Here is my video of my overhead canister filter system in action.